Dr. & Mrs. Pat M. Dyar
Dr. & Mrs. Dyar are co owners of Screven County Veterinary Services. Dr. Dyar has practiced in the same area of Screven County for many years. This is a full service facility and offers a wide range of services. You can count on SCVS to keep your pet up to date on all the latest vaccines and notify you of the newest discoveries to protect your dog, cat or other pet from a host of downright nasty things. From infectious diseases to the bane of all pet owners & their four-footed friends...FLEAS!! They of course offer a full service sugary for all your needs and encourage you to have your pet spayed or neutered in a timely fashion

Every dog and cat born needs a loving home. If you know someone who has an unaltered pet, please encourage them to get that pet spayed or neutered asap. It will help put a stop to so many unwanted and unloved animals in kill shelters and abandoned, to fend for them selves. If you are looking for a pet, PLEASE call your accredited No-Kill Rescue Organization, "Friends of Screven County Animals" AKA "FoSCA" at 912-564-0005 today to see if you can save a life and add a loving member to your family. Check online, for more information. So many dogs and cats are available for adoption. AND don't forget to have that new pet altered as soon as possible. Everyone needs a companion and altered animals make the very best companions, so it is a win, win situation for you and a homeless animal!
Dr. Pat M. Dyar
Friends of Screven
County Animals
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Sylvania, Georgia
A No-Kill Shelter
Debbie, Veterinary Technician